Personalized Fitness Packages


Personalized Fitness Packages

from 125.00

Initial Consultation: Not sure what you need?  This consultation includes a 1.5 hour introductory meeting to clarify your needs and goals (in person or virtually), a brief movement assessment, fitness assessment, and overview of what a program and /or schedule would look like for you to begin your personal training journey. Pick this if you can't decide between minimal supervision with a personalized program vs personal training with a coach at each workout. Cost: $120.00

Starter Package:  Chose this option if you're ready to jump in and get started, and are able to take what you've learned and work out on your own.  Includes a 1 hour introductory meeting (the initial consultation), a functional and fitness assessment*, and two additional one-on-one 60 minute training sessions, where I will teach you up to 3 different workouts, depending on your needs.  All meetings and assessments can be performed in person or via video conferencing (skype or facetime).  In the introductory meeting, I will perform as much of the assessment as possible- then it takes 5-7 business days to make your program. In the first private session we go over your Program and finish any possible assessments as you get help to learn about your new exercises, therapies, or stretches. You leave with a hard copy. The Program must be delivered in person or via skype/facetime only, and must occur within 4 weeks of the initial assessment date.   Cost: $250.00

One-and-done: This program assumes that you are competent in self-directed exercises, have been working out consistently for at least a year, and includes a 30-45 min phone or Skype/Face time meeting to go over your goals, assess your current fitness.  You will also receive a 30-45 minute in-person or virtual training session where you are taught one new program, and you will receive a written copy (emailed) and visual representations of the program.  Cost: $125.00

Program Refresh: Have you plateaued and are in need of something new?  Program Refresh consists of a new or updated program (1-2 workouts) and is intended for clients who have already completed the initial assessment and have been following their original program for 4+ weeks. This service includes a written updated program and a one hour skype or in-person session to review the program(s).  Cost: $100.00

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Candice is the perfect combination of tough and warm, and she works with the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically. If Candice did not have an answer to any of my questions I could be sure I would have it by the next session. The amount of knowledge I obtained has helped me in all parts of my life. Candice is not scared to share her knowledge with others (believe me there is lots). Choosing Candice as my trainer is one of the best decisions I have made.
— T.L., Thompson, MB